>From bc@mtiweb.com Wed Sep  6 11:09:31 1995
From: bc@mtiweb.com (Barry Caplin)
To: linuxisp@lightning.com, inet-access@earth.com
Subject: virtual domain named

   Time for installment #2... dns.  I'm running named.  I got the
latest version of bind from Lee Silverman at ftp.netspace.org (I
am running 4.9.3-beta9p1).
   Before I start let me state again that I don't necesarily know what
I'm doing!  I have put all this together based on messages posted on the
net and by reading the zoo books.  This stuff does appear to be working
correctly on my system (Linux 1.2.1).  I'll be glad to try to answer any
questions people have.
[NOTE: as of 11/13/95 I upgraded my kernel to 1.2.13.  Everything still
works fine and I didn't have to do anything to change these procedures.]
   The first step is to name the virtual domains in the /etc/named.boot:
;    boot file for name server
directory /etc/named.data

; type		domain			source host/file	backup file

; virtual domains
primary		virt1.com		virt1.com.zone
primary		virt2.com		virt2.com.zone

   This says that the zone and reverse mapping files are in the /etc/
named.data directory and that this server is primary for virt1.com
and virt2.com.
   virt1.com.zone would look like:
; Authoritative data for virt1.com
@		IN	SOA	virt1.com. postmaster.yourisp.net. (
				95061900	; Serial (yymmddxx)
				10800		; Refresh 3 hours
				3600		; Retry 1 hour
				3600000		; Expire 1000 hours
				86400 )		; Minimum 24 hours
		IN	A
		IN	NS		ns.yourisp.net.
		IN	MX	100	mailhost.yourisp.net.

www		IN	CNAME		virt1.com.

   You can look in the cricket book to see what these fields mean.
The machines ns and mailhost can of course have any name, and the 
A record should have the IP address assigned to virt1.com.  And DON'T
FORGET THOSE .'s.  If you're ever having a named problem, check the .'s
   Next, you need to list your virtual domains in your reverse
mapping file.
; Reverse mapping of domain names 2.0.192.in-addr.arpa
@		IN	SOA	host.yourisp.net. postmaster.yourisp.net. (
				95060400	; Serial (yymmddxx)
				10800		; Refresh 3 hours
				3600		; Retry 1 hour
				3600000		; Expire 1000 hours
				86400 )		; Minimum 24 hours
1		IN	PTR		host.yourisp.net.
;  virtual domains
2		IN	PTR		virt1.com.
3		IN	PTR		virt2.com.

   The only other thing to do here is to register the names and IP
addresses of your virtual domains with the NIC.
   I think this part is particularly straight forward.  Next installment
is web.


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