Anti-Spam list from US.NET

From Sun Aug  3 13:52:46 1997
From: David Stoddard <>
Subject: Re: Summary of ANTI-spam techniques now available

	FWIW, we have an anti-spam list on our site that is used by a
	lot of other ISPs on the net.  It contains all of the known
	Cyberpromo domains and IP address blocks, and a ton of other
	stuff.  You can get our active list anytime by sending an email
	message to:

	The list is ready to load into sendmail 8.8.6 using the filter rules
	available at:

	BTW, we will remove any entry in the file as long as the
	spammer agrees to sign and notarize a contract that establishes
	damages at $10,000 per incident if it happens again (and we WILL
	enforce the contract).  If they are ISPs, I want to talk personally
	to the owner of the company.  We don't put entries into the list
	lightly, and we don't remove them lightly either.

	Dave Stoddard
	US Net Incorporated

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